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Hail Damage

If you live in an area that is considered to be a prime location for hail storms, your home or business is extremely susceptible to roof damage. What do you do when you think your home or commercial building’s roof has been damaged by hail or wind? You call our roof replacement specialists at R House 2. Our helpful, knowledgeable, roofing experts will be there to help you with any damage to your roof.

Typically, hail must be around 1¼ inches in diameter to cause damage to either heavy composite shingles or wood shake shingles. Composite shingles made of lightweight materials may sustain damage from hailstones as small as 1-inch in diameter. And, if you already have some signs of wear or deterioration on any composite shingles, hail may damage your roof if it is ¾-inch to 1-nch in diameter.

Hail Damage Repair

hail damge repairIf a hail storm has recently passed through your area, you should have your roof inspected by a professional. One determinate of whether you may have hail or wind damage to your roof is to pay close attention to any other damage that may be observable after a storm. In general, if a hail storm is strong enough to damage other objects at ground level, including nearby cars, wood fences, exterior siding, shutters or gutters, then you should contact
R House 2 to have your roof inspected for damage. Another tell-tell sign is if you see a significant amount of shingle granules at the ends of downspouts. If you see these granules in your downspouts, you may have damage to your roof, hail or no hail storm. If you suspect that your roof may have damage from hail, contact our experienced, licensed Hail Damage Repair Roofers at R House 2 for an estimate of your roof replacement project.

Call or Email us and receive a FREE home inspection(s) to determine if your home has sustained hail damage, wind damage or storm damage.  If need be, one of our Claims Specialists will assist you and educate you about the process of making an insurance claim.


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Have a severely damaged roof that needs to be replaced? Whether it's due to a specific storm, an act of Mother Nature, or just age and wear, R House 2 has prompt, qualified professionals ready to assist you with your roofing needs. Our representatives will responsibly assess your roof condition and offer an appropriate solution to your problems. We specialize in roof repairs and full roof replacements - and we get the job done in a timely and professional manner.
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